Graduate Mentor scheme

Graduate Mentoring at Trinity Hall is a voluntary scheme in which Fellows offer to be available to meet with graduate students to discuss progress, their course of study and share ideas.  It is informal and is largely at the discretion of the individual mentor and their students to determine the frequency and nature of interaction.

The College allocates to every graduate student a Mentor, optimally chosen to have reasonably closely related areas of general academic interest.  The purposes of this scheme are, concisely:

  • To make graduates welcome in the College and thereafter maintain contact with them during their studies here.
  • To be available to meet graduates to give general help and advice on academically-related matters, as distinct from the very direct responsibility of research supervisors, and University departmental advisers and course organisers, for students’ support and progression.

The Trinity Hall Mentor Scheme has now been running for several years.  The key to its success is its flexibility and adaptability.  Many students may have no need to see their mentor regularly in the course of their studies but many graduates have found it helpful.

Graduate students are expected:

  1. to respond to messages and invitations from their mentor, and make an effort to meet with their mentor upon their Matriculation in college;
  2. to maintain contact with their mentor during their stay in the College (at a level and of a nature to be determined by the mentor and the student);
  3. in all instances, to treat their relationship with their mentor in a professional and adult manner.  As Fellows of the College, mentors are often very busy people and are volunteering their time to assist Graduate students.  Hence, it is important to show an appropriate level appreciation and respect.

Graduate students are encouraged:

  1. to get to know their mentors sufficiently well so they may request a character reference should one be needed;
  2. to attend the Fellows & Graduates Buffet at the start of Lent and Easter terms and speak with their mentor.

Mentoring at Trinity Hall is an informal but effective way of putting graduate students and Fellows in touch with one another.