Grants and funding

Scholarships, studentships and bursaries

Trinity Hall offers a number of single- and multi-year scholarships, studentships and bursaries for graduate students, some of which cover the full cost of one’s course of studies and others which contribute to it. More information on this subject can be found on the college website.

Travel grants and money for research

The amount available to you depends on your degree type, but College does have a non-competitive fund of money set aside for each graduate student to fund research-related expenses, including travel costs and conferences. Each Trinity Hall grad is entitled to the amount apportioned to their degree provided that the money is used for appropriate things. You must fill out a form and get a letter of support from your supervisor to prove this as well as write a report on how the money was spent after the spending occurs.

Let us stress again that these grants are not competitive: you do not have to beat out your peers for them. MPhil students may request up to £300 during their year at Trinity Hall. Medics and Vets may request up to £600, and PhD students up to £1000 during their three years at Trinity Hall. You may request it all at once or as you need it throughout the years.

This money, though commonly thought to be only for travel expenses, can be used on any number of things. Though most request it to pay for conference fees or to pay for flights to fieldwork or significant meetings, be creative. If there is something you need for your research and you can prove it, the panel will consider your request.

Please contact the Tutorial Office for the appropriate forms. Remember, grants can only be given for costs that will be incurred in the future. Grants will not be given for travel or purchases that have already taken place.

Hardship funds

An application form and further particulars can be obtained from the Tutorial Office. You will also need to book an appointment with your Graduate Tutor to discuss your case.