Your MCR Committee

The MCR Committee is a group of democratically elected graduate students and postdocs charged with representing the MCR within the college and providing various entertainments (‘ents’) and events for all MCR members to enjoy. In addition to keeping things running smoothly, they strive to create a sense of community for all MCR members and a welcoming environment in college.

The committee meets several times a term, including open meetings, where members of the MCR are welcome to attend and vote on the matters being discussed. If you wish to have something discussed at either a closed or open meeting, please contact either the President with you concern or, if you wish to speak at the meeting, contacting the Secretary several days in advance of the meeting so that your item may be added to the agenda.

Contacting us

If you have a question, as a current student, an incoming student or as a prospective applicant, then please feel free to email us: add to the addresses below our names, e.g., mcr-president. Enquiries should be directed to the relevant officer, or to the President if they do not fit into any of the specific duties of the other committee members. We look forward to hearing from you!

MCR Exec. Team


Jake Bransgrove


The president’s role is to provide a voice for the MCR when communicating with College at meetings such as the Governing Body Meeting. Within the MCR, the president chairs the MCR Committing meetings and, with the help of the rest of the committee, ensures that the needs of the MCR are met.


Vice President

Emily Shaw


The Vice President assumes all presidential duties whenever the president is absent, and providing support where it’s needed. Specifically managing MCR locker and gown rentals, the VP is there to help out the committee as a whole. Feel free to contact them not only about lockers and gowns, but any queries, no matter how small.



Soham Kar


The treasurer manages the MCR accounts. They prepare the budget and reports to the committee on financial matters and on the different College meetings they attend as a member of the Executive committee. Please contact them if you have any question about MCR finances, including for events and societies.



Benjamin Iago Gibson


The Secretary is the official record keeper of all of the decisions made by the MCR. They record the votes, writes minutes, and distributes them to the student body. In addition, they maintain the Constitution and act as a stand-in Treasurer, should the Treasurer be absent for an extended period. The Secretary should be contacted for all matters regarding the public MCR record.

MCR Non-Exec. Team

Academic Officers

Tom Frick and Niamh Divers;


Academic Officers facilitate academic support within the MCR. They aim to make college a conducive space in which postgraduates and postdocs can study and research. They also represent the MCR on matters pertaining to the library and organise the annual Marshall McLuhan symposium, in which MCR members can present their research.


Entertainment Officer (External) 

Martin Kirsch


The main role of the External Ents Officer is to give members of the MCR the opportunity to meet grads from other colleges and participate in events outside of Trinity Hall. They are responsible for organising formal swaps as well as more informal ‘bar swaps’ with other colleges. For the more intellectually curious, they also advertise lectures and concert series happening in other colleges!


Entertainment Officers (Internal)

Emma Chapman and Louisa Yapp


The main goal of the Internal Ents team is for you to have the best time of your life at Tit Hall! Organising everything from our famous Super Halls to bops and other special events, they keep the party going all year. Internal Ents also head the organisation of the MCR garden party, providing a fabulous end to the year. In addition, if you have any ideas on how to make Tit Hall a more exciting place, please put them forth and they’ll try to help!


International Officers

Constantin Schmidt and Shaashwat Saraff


International Officers are here to support the graduate students from all over the world, giving a voice to the concerns they experience while studying and conducting research here in Cambridge. They will typically be the contact person when it comes to settling in as well as being a source of advice when you experience any sort of disadvantage in the academic environment due to their cultural background. They organise international-themed social activities and will do their best to let you feel at home in Cambridge. If you have questions or issues, and have suggestions for potential events, you can reach them with the email above.


JCR Graduate Representative

Christopher Haggard


The MCR rep to the JCR attends JCR meetings and liaises on any matters that affect both communities. They also encourage joint events run by members of the MCR and JCR committees. If you are from either the MCR or JCR and have any ideas or questions, please do get in touch.


Green and Ethical Affairs Officer

Zoya Yousef and Lindsey Barnes


The MCR is committed to being as green as we can be. Being green starts from within, so please use the recycle boxes and the recycling bins in your accommodation. If you have any questions or suggestions about how to lessen the environmental impact of any aspect of College life, or news about green events that you’d like us to circulate to the MCR, please email the Green Officer.


Welfare and Disabilities Officers

Jannis Jakobs and Michael Baker


The welfare officer is committed to improving welfare services at Trinity Hall and providing support to all of the MCR members. Welfare officers want to improve communication and openness about any sort of disability within the college while making sure that everyone feels comfortable and able to deal with issues as diverse as childcare, financial support, accommodation, physical, mental and sexual health, drugs and disabilities. Additionally, the welfare offices host regular and relaxed coffee and cake events and keep a welfare cupboard stocked at all times.


Gender Officers

Laura Espinoza and Tiana Maria


Working closely with the Welfare Officers, the Gender Officer is your point of contact for all women’s issues. They are here to promote the equality of women in the College and the University as a whole—contact them for issues related to sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination.


Ethnic Diversity Officer

Ivan Chan

The role of the Ethnic Diversity Officer is to provide a source of support to members of ethnic and religious minorities within college.


Alumni Officer

Angus Fotherby


Helping the current MCR and those who have moved on, the Alumni Officer is your point of contact for all alumni information.


PDRA (Post-doctoral research associate) officer

Rob Wiseman


The post-doc rep’s role is to represent the postdoctoral researchers affiliated with Trinity Hall, who are part of the MCR.


Computing Officers

Vacant Position


The Computing Officers focus is on the social media representation of the MCR. From producing entertaining banners, to summaries of the events, the computing officers will keep everyone up to date about what’s going on in the MCR.



Noah Evans


The Steward is responsible for running the bar during Grad halls. Organising and pouring the drinks, the steward is the one to go to with any (reasonable) wine suggestions.


LGBT+ Officer

Clara Kraebber and Lucy Turvey


The LGBT+ Officer is here to promote equality and pride in diversity of the college through events hosted throughout the year. They also serve as a point of contact for any student facing discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.