The cafeteria on Central Site serves breakfast, lunch and dinner every day during term (including a hearty brunch all morning on Sundays) and on some days outside of term.

The cafeteria operates on a no-cash basis and you must bring your University ID card with you to pay. The amount you spend will be added to your college bill, and you’ll be charged for it at the start of next term. You can check how much you’ve spent throughout the term on the college meal booking system. Log into the meal booking system with Raven, then click the ‘EPOS’ button at the top of the page. Select a range of dates and click ‘Get Transactions’ to see the unpaid balance charged to your college account between those dates.

Cafeteria enquiries can be sent to If you have special dietary requirements, you should discuss this with the Head of Conference and Catering or the Manciple.