Grad Hall policy


Booking for MCR members opens on Thursday at 10 am on the booking website. Guest booking (when allowed) normally opens on Saturday at 7:30 pm. Booking closes on Monday at 12 pm. After this time, no new bookings can be made.

If you do not manage to book a seat before booking closes and/or the hall sells out, you can trade any tickets going spare via the booking website system. Please do not send ticket trading requests to the MCR mailing lists.

After bookings close, Grad Hall tickets are non-refundable.

Guest policy

Each MCR member is permitted to book up to 3 guest tickets (subject to availability).

If you would like to bring more than 3 guests, you can request up to 3 extra guest tickets by emailing David ( before booking closes. If there are still spaces available for the hall when booking closes, the staff will add your extra guest spaces and confirm the booking.

If you would like to bring more than 6 guests or a large group to Grad Hall (i.e. your department or athletics team), you will need to negotiate the date in advance with the External Ents Officers. If there is no formal swap or other group attending on the date you request, then they will book the spaces in advance. The MCR does not subsidise tickets for large groups.

The guest policy is in place to ensure that MCR members, first and foremost, have access to booking seats at Grad Hall. It is not acceptable to book tickets for a friend’s guests by booking yourself and 3 guest places, and then turning all tickets over to a friend. The MCR would then be erroneously subsidising spaces beyond each member’s limit that may otherwise have remained open to MCR members. As indicated, on the occasions when you may want to bring more than 3 guests, there are alternative options available to you. Please do not abuse the system.