What to bring

Equipping yourself with the comforts of home in the comfort of your own room is possibly not as good an idea as it sounds. Refer to the Red Book when purchasing or bringing household appliances for use in college accommodation.

The kitchens in college accommodation all have hobs, ovens, microwaves, freezers, and fridges. You probably won’t find a vast amount of empty space in the latter, so if you’re driving to Cambridge, it’s best to resist the desire to accumulate a museumworthy collection of regional cheeses along the way. All of the items in the above list are supplied and maintained by college, so if something goes wrong with them, please file a maintenance request online to have the fault repaired.

In addition to these items, you are likely to find that most, if not all, kitchens already contain toasters and kettles. Whilst these may belong to a particular resident, if they are not under lock and key or otherwise demarcated, it is reasonably safe to assume that they are there for the communal good. We recommend asking a current resident to show you what is available for use in your kitchen upon arrival, but we can tell you in advance that people living in college accommodation tend to share most, if not all, basic cooking items as a matter of course (with any high-value items generally kept separately).

There is also a supply of pots, pans, crockery and cutlery that has been passed into public service by previous residents in all the college accommodation. Unless you are particularly averse to using things in less than pristine condition, you should be able to get by without bringing this type of item with you. However, it will probably be much appreciated by your fellow housemates if you bring or acquire a couple items to contribute to the communal cupboards.