If you need someone to turn to for help, there are a number of resources there to support you. Further information can be found by contacting your Welfare Officer.

College Counsellor

Virginia Elliot is the College Counsellor, a professional counsellor who works in college. She is happy to arrange meetings on an informal basis, according to your needs. Your meetings with her will be held in the strictest confidence. You can contact her on (01223) 332571 or by email (vce21).

University Counselling Service

Many personal decisions are made and problems solved through discussions with friends or family, a College Tutor or Director of Studies, or a Nurse, GP or Chaplain. However, there are times when it is right to seek help away from the familiar daily environment: the University Counselling Service was set up to meet just such a need. Seeking counselling is about making a positive choice to get the help that you need. The Service is staffed by a team of professionally trained and widely experienced counsellors who are accustomed to helping people from many different backgrounds and cultures and with a wide range of personal and work issues. Further information is available at their website.


‘Maybe you are stressed or worried. Maybe something happened, maybe nothing happened. Maybe today was not as you expected, or perhaps it was. Maybe there is something you need to know. Maybe you are concerned about a friend. Maybe you are fed up and want a chat. Maybe you have something on your mind and you want to talk it through in confidence. Maybe you don’t know why you are calling us, which is OK too. Your call is always welcome at any time.’

Unlike the University Counselling Service, which is run by professionals, the Linkline listening support is a student-run service available when others are not; you can call them the whole night, from 7 pm to 8 am, and they always have both a male and female volunteer on duty. You can also stop by their office in St. Edwards Passage. Their number is (01223) 744 444.