Peer2Peer is a new, student-run programme offering confidential, informal support to undergraduates, graduates and post-docs throughout their time in Cambridge. The programme has been developed in recognition of the essential role which students play in supporting and encouraging one another on a day-to-day basis. Put simply, Peer2Peer helps students to better support their peers.

Peer Supporters

Trinity Hall’s team of Peer2Peer Supporters have been fully trained and receive ongoing, regular supervision to ensure the continual development of their skills. Peer2Peer Supporters are available to talk with you informally about anything concerning you; no problem is too big or too small! Peer2Peer adheres to a strict system of values and all Supporters are confidential, non-judgmental, and responsive. Peer2Peer promotes active listening: the aim is not to provide you with an answer but to encourage you to open up and talk through the issues or worries you might be having in complete confidentiality.

Trinity Hall Peer2Peer supporters can be reached individually via the email addresses below:

  • Dan Bowen (dcb47)
  • Julie Ji (jlj39)
  • Sophie Wastcoat (scw60)
  • Tobias Wenzel (tw347)
  • Caroline Hattam (clh84)
  • Emma Bailey (eb450)
  • Jessica Soltys (jms256)
  • Marie Kolkenbrock (mek32)
  • Sara Silvonen (ses77)
  • Homa Majd (hm454)


Lots of cake is eaten in the MCR, usually on Friday afternoons from about 3:00pm to about 4:00pm. All are welcome! Cake is provided, but if you’d like to show off your amazing baking skills then by all means bring it to share!

Various members of your MCR Committee and Peer Support team will be in attendance every week, and would be happy to talk to you about what they do.