Mailing lists

Reading messages from the MCR Lists

The MCR operates two mailing lists: trinhall-mcr and trinhall-mcr-chat. To change your email address, receive the lists as a single daily digest, or temporarily stop getting mail while away from college, visit the trinhall-mcr and trinhall-mcr-chat options pages.

The archives for both the official and chat lists are available online.

Posting to the MCR Lists

Please respect your fellow MCR members by observing the following list guidelines and principle functions which the Committee have approved:

trinhall-mcr is the official MCR list:

  1. For emails from the MCR committee concerning a) committee business and b) welfare issues.
  2. For emails from the McMenemy co-ordinators concerning the McMenemy seminars.
  3. For emails from college staff concerning official college business.
  4. If you think a message is of sufficient import to go out directly to the official MCR list please email the appropriate committee member who will send it on your behalf.

trinhall-mcr-chat is the informal MCR list:

  1. For emails from the MCR committee concerning Ents events, GradHall/Superhall sign-up etc.
  2. For any MCR member to post non-offensive emails containing any reasonable information or requests which are likely to be of interest to the graduate community.
  3. You must be a member of Trinity Hall MCR to post a message to this list. Outside messages will not be approved. Please send information about External Ents and other information to the appropriate MCR Officer for distribution to our grad community.
  4. All messages sent to trinhall-mcr-chat will have their subjects automatically prepended with “+++” and will be posted immediately, without moderation.
  5. Anyone may unsubscribe from this list if they so wish by going to

With these rules in mind, the list addresses are trinhall-mcr at and trinhall-mcr-chat at