Your MCR Committee

The MCR Committee is a group of democratically elected postgraduates and post docs charged with representing the MCR within the college and providing various entertainments (‘ents’) and events for all MCR members to participate in. In addition to keeping things running smoothly, they strive to create a sense of community for all MCR members and to provide ways to bridge the gaps between the JCR below and SCR above.

The Committee meets every other Monday during term time at 7pm in the MCR. The meetings are open to all MCR members and members are encouraged to get in contact with the Committee about any issue they wish to have discussed in a meeting. This can be done by contacting the President with your concern or, if you wish to speak at the meeting, contacting the Secretary several days in advance of Monday so that your item may be added to the agenda.

Contacting us

If you have a question, either as a prospective applicant or a current or incoming student, please feel free to email us: add to the addresses below our names, e.g., mcr-president. Inquiries should be directed to the relevant officer, or to the President if they do not fit into any of the specific duties of the other committee members. Questions about accommodation offered by college can be directed to the Accommodation Reps. We look forward to hearing from you!

Charles Board

The President chairs MCR committee meetings, appoints officers, attends Governing Body meetings on behalf of the MCR, and generally represents and works for the interests of the graduate student body. He is a good point of contact for general questions about College or any problem you might be having, and if he can’t answer it himself, he knows the proper people in College to forward it to.


Vice President
Vera Graup

The Vice President assumes all presidential duties whenever the president is absent. Additionally, she manages MCR locker and gown rentals. Feel free to contact her not only about lockers and gowns but any queries that do not fall squarely within the prescribed duties of any of the other officers.


Joanna Lawrence

Third in the line of succession, the Treasurer manages the MCR accounts. She prepares the budget and reports to the committee on financial matters. She is the point of contact for MCR finances – anybody in the MCR who has spent money for Events and wants to be reimbursed, please hand in this expenses claim form with your receipt attached.


Verity Smith

Perhaps the most vital attendee at any MCR meeting, the Secretary maintains the official record of all decisions made by the MCR. She records votes, writes minutes, and distributes them to the student body. Also, she acts as a stand-in Treasurer, should the Treasurer be absent for an extended period. The Secretary should be contacted for all matters regarding the public MCR record.

Academic Officers
Louis Morris, Kimberley Watt

The Academic Officers’ main role is facilitating academic support of the MCR by the SCR, and of the JCR by the MCR. They also represent the MCR on library matters and decide which magazines and papers the MCR subscribes to. Do contact them about any academic issues you are having.


Computing Officer
Mich Greenfield-Liebst, Josh Kaggie

The Computing Officers maintain the MCR email lists and website. They can also advise you on computer-related issues and tell you where to get help. They represent the MCR in matters relating to computing provision and keep in close contact with the college computing office.


Entertainment Officers (Internal)
Will Earley, Marianne Perera

The Internal Ents Officers organise social events inside the College for MCR members. As you can imagine, this is a very important job! These ‘internal ents’ include parties, bops, wine tastings, movie nights etc.. Do contact the Internal Ents Officers if you have ideas for or want to help out at our next function.


Entertainment Officers (External)
David Foster, Pablo Lubroth

The External Ents Officers represent the College in the broader University-wide social networks. They coordinate dinner exchanges and other events between colleges and their main job is to bring MCR members in contact with grads from outside of Trinity Hall. If you have any ideas for or wish to help out with their next function, do contact them.


LGBT+ Officers
Jules O’Dwyer, Joanna Kozlowska

Similar to the Women’s Officers, the LGBT+ Officers are here to promote equality in the College and University no matter what your sexual orientation may be. They provide support for lesbian, bisexual, gay and non-binary MCR members and are who you should contact with regards to harassment or sexual-orientation-based discrimination.


International Officer
Rebecca Konijnenberg

Do contact your International Officer with any problems you may have regarding your international status as well as with any harassment or discrimination issues you are facing based on your nationality. The International Officer will also be happy to organise or promote any international events in Trinity Hall or the University.


JCR Graduate Representative
Clare Burdett

The JCR Graduate Representative is, as the name suggests, the MCR representative to JCR meetings and vice versa. The Graduate Rep reports on JCR issues that concern us as well as MCR issues that concern the JCR.


**Unoccupied post**

The Stewards have one of the most important jobs of any MCR Committee member. They are in charge of all food and drinks and keep the college well-watered during all formal and informal functions. They are here to listen to your food concerns and stock the MCR Cupboards.

Green Officer
Bihao Wang

The MCR is committed to being as green as we can be. We want you to think green and act green! Being green starts from within, so please use the recycle boxes and the recycling bins in your accommodation. If you have any questions or suggestions about how to lessen the environmental impact of any aspect of College life, or news about green events that you’d like us to circulate to the MCR, please email the Green Officer.


Welfare and Disabilities Officers
Ashley Clark, Alice Roullierre

The Welfare and Disabilities Officers represent the MCR in the University-wide welfare and disabilities networks. They are available to talk confidentially about issues such as childcare, financial support, accommodation, physical, mental and sexual health, drugs and disabilities. You should not hesitate to contact them about anything!


Women’s Officers
Pauline Kiesow, Helena Spector

Working closely with the Welfare Officers, the Women’s Officers are your point of contact for all women’s issues. They are here to promote the equality of women in the College and the University as a whole—contact them for issues related to sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination.

Alumni Officer
Ethan Quek

Helping the current MCR and those who have moved on, the Alumni Officer is your point of contact for all alumni information.

Post-Doc Representative
Yue Wu