McMenemy Seminars

There are plenty of opportunities for members of the MCR to bond socially over drinks or at Grad Hall. The McMenemy Seminars are dedicated to the memory of Chris McMenemy, a Trinity Hall graduate student lost at sea in the summer of 2000. They are designed to mix in a more academic way by providing us with a forum in which we can present our work to one another. One of the primary functions of a college for graduate students is to bring together students from different departments, and the McMenemy Seminars are an important part of how Trinity Hall makes this happen.

For the speakers, the talks are a great opportunity to present your work in a supportive environment. Unlike departmental talks, they challenge your own understanding of your material by forcing you to distill it into a form understandable to a lay audience. Drinks are served, and after the talk, the speaker and a guest are invited by the MCR to dinner at Grad Hall, complete with a bottle of wine or equally attractive non-alcoholic beverage.

The McMenemy Seminars are run according to the McMenemy Guidelines. The seminar organizers for the 2019-2020 academic year are Emma Curran and Jordi Ferrer Orri. For further information or to give a seminar, please contact the co-ordinators at

All are welcome to attend these seminars: this includes undergraduates, post-docs, fellows, staff, alumni, and others!

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