Formal dinners

The College hosts a variety of types of formal dinners. These include:

  • Grad Hall – Wednesday evenings, for graduates and their guests only. Gowns must be worn by College members. Sherry will be served by the MCR Steward in the MCR beforehand and port and coffee afterwards.
  • Formal Hall – Thursday and Sunday evenings, for undergraduates, graduates and their guests, gowns must be worn by College members. Coffee is included in the dinner.
  • Super Halls and Black Tie Dinners – usually once or twice per term; details will be sent out by email.

Each student is permitted to bring one 75cl bottle of unopened still wine to consume at the dinner. There is no corkage fee. No spirits or beer will be allowed. Any alcoholic drinks that are not deemed acceptable will be confiscated and can be collected at the end of the meal.

MCR members are encouraged to go not only to Grad Hall, which is subsidised by the MCR but also to join the undergraduates at Formal Halls!

All college dinners are booked online. (You’ll need a Raven password; if you don’t have one yet, follow these instructions.)