Internet Access Within College

All graduate rooms have internet access both through the wired (ethernet) and wireless networks. Almost every area in college also has wireless access, with the only noticeable exception being the Wychfield Sports Pavilion. Feel free to use your laptops all around college, including the MCR, the the Jerwood Library and outside areas like Latham Lawn.

As of 2021, there are three wireless networks available on-site: UniOfCam, which is accessed by logging into Raven each time you connect; eduroam, which requires a one-time setup; and UniOfCam-IoT, for devices which can’t work with eduroam . Unless you have a specific reason to use a UniofCam network then it’s recommended to use eduroam. It doesn’t require you to reauthenticate through Raven every time you use it and is available at many academic institutions around the world. At present, both wi-fi networks and the wired service are completely uncharged.

More information on the Wi-Fi network can be found on the college intranet site here, and the same for the wired network may be found here.

Public Computing and Printing

Trinity Hall provides several computer areas open to college members – you can find a complete and up-to-date list on the intranet here. To access a college computer, you will need your Raven authentication username and password.

There are printers available in the Jerwood Library and at the Wychfield site. Up-to-date information on printing costs can be found here. These costs are charged through the University’s DS-Print system, which is shared by some departments, and you must have sufficient balance to print a document. You can top up more with a debit card online here and more details of the DS-Print system are available here. If the library printers are out of paper, you can obtain more at the Porters’ Lodge.

If you need to have large documents printed (e.g. MPhil dissertation), you may wish to look into the printing and soft binding services provided by the Students’ Union. Some departments also offer printing services to their students.


Help with computers in Trinity Hall comes from a number of sources.

If you have any concerns with Wi-Fi, wired network, computing facilities or your personal computer, please contact Trinity Hall IT support.

In the absence of a Computing Officer (as of December 2020), MCR Computing work is being shared between the Treasurer and Secretary. If you have any issues regarding the meal booking system or anything on this website please reach out to them!