Marshall McLuhan symposium

IMG_6985IMG_6979All members of the MCR are invited to participate in the annual Marshall McLuhan Symposium. Named after the distinguished communications theorist and alumnus of Trinity Hall, the Symposium provides a friendly forum for stimulating intellectual discussion in the college graduate community. Each year, a general theme is chosen that inspires a morning of informal presentations by MCR members, followed by a keynote address by a notable member of the academic community. The theme of previous symposiums as as follows:

  • IMG_69932010: Technology and Society
  • 2011: Going Places: Movement > Motion > Travel
  • 2012: Memory
  • 2014: Big Stories, Small Scales: From microscopes to micro-histories
  • 2015: Time
  • 2016: Space

Prizes are awarded for the best talks, and college kindly sponsors nourishment in various forms throughout the day.

This year, for the first time, alumni of Trinity Hall are also invited to attend the Symposium.