As explained in the MCR Constitution, full members of Trinity Hall MCR fall into four main categories:

  1. Graduate students at Trinity Hall (e.g. those pursuing a PhD/MPhil/LLM/PGCE/other graduate degree).
  2. Those holding a post-doctoral associateship at Trinity Hall.
  3. Undergraduates at Trinity Hall who are in (or beyond) their fourth year since matriculation.
  4. Mature and affiliated students (as defined by the University) of the College.

Asssociate members are:

  1. “Permanent partners” (as defined by the college) of full members.
  2. Persons who have been granted associate membership status by the MCR Committee.
  3. Persons who have been granted associate membership status by the Graduate Tutor, after consultation with the MCR Committee.

The full members and the associate members together make up the membership of Trinity Hall MCR.

Becoming a full member

Graduate studies

Prospective students looking to apply to Trinity Hall for graduate studies should look at the college’s admissions page, as well as the Graduate Admissions page.

Post-doctoral research associateship

Trinity Hall has a research associateship scheme that offers post-doctoral researchers admission into the MCR. These associateships (distinct from Junior Research Fellowships in terms of both duties and privileges) are available to researchers who have a contract within the University. The scheme is intended to provide post-doctoral researchers with the opportunity to take full advantage of the Cambridge collegiate system by offering associates full college and MCR membership. An overview of post-doctoral associateship schemes provided by the different colleges is available from the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs; application rounds for Trinity Hall are advertised in the University Reporter, with applications assessed once a year for membership starting in October.

The Trinity Hall research associateship scheme sets itself apart by having the post-docs as their own group within the college. It offers post-docs the chance to become involved in teaching and supervision, while at the same time providing an informal and fun way to get into contact with people with a range of different research interests. The post-doc associates view one of their roles as bridging the gap between the Fellowship and the MCR community. To this end, post-docs in Trinity Hall also run a popular Buddy Scheme for their fellow (graduate) MCR members.