Paying for college meals

Most food in college is paid for on your college bill. When you buy drinks or food from the Aula bar, you can pay with cash or with your University card. Note that – rather sensibly – you cannot buy alcohol in the Aula bar with your University card; you must pay cash for it. If you buy a meal in Hall, you must pay with your University card. When you book a formal or Grad Hall with the online system, the cost of that formal will be added to your college bill. Anything that is paid for with your University card will be payyable on your next college bill.

You can check how much you’ve spent on food so far using the college meal booking system. Log in with Raven, select ‘EPOS’ at the top of the page, choose a range of dates, then click ‘Get Transactions’ to show all the transactions in your chosen period.

College food is paid for as part of the bill at the start of the next term. For example, you’ll pay for all those Grad Halls in Michaelmas at the start of Lent term.

Members of the MCR who are resident in a college property pay Price A in the cafeteria and the resident rate for formal dining. All others pay Price B  and the live out rate for formal dining. This has no effect on the food and drinks bought in the Aula cafe.