Internet Access Within Accommodation

All graduate rooms have internet access either via ethernet wire or wireless, and in some cases both. Connections cost are £20 per term, which are included in the room rent, and which are mandatory.

You may transfer up to 32 GB per term for free. Anything beyond that costs just 10 pence per GB. Warning notices are sent when you approach the end of your free usage and regularly once you start to incur charges, and you can check your bandwidth use online. If you need more than 32 GB for your academic work, contact the IT department as they may be able to waive charges.

Most rooms in College (with the exception of Bateman Street) now have UniOfCam WiFi coverage. This wireless internet is fast and not currently charged for; you’ll require a Raven login.

More information can be found on the website of IT Support, which supersedes the old Computer Support Group.

Public Computing Areas

The college provides several computer areas open to the general college public. To access these you will need a Desktop Services (PWF) account. There are 18 PCs available for use on the top floor of the Jerwood Library as well as two Macs all of which have nice 20″ TFT displays. Attached to these are two laser printers, one of which is a black and white duplex printer, the other is colour. At Wychfield there is a small computer room containing 10 PCs and 1 Mac at the top of staircase A, along with both colour and black-and-white printers. There is also a small computer room containing 1 PC and 1 Mac as well as a black-and-white laser printer in Launcelot Fleming House. The MCR room itself has three PCs. Believe it or not, there is usually little or no wait to access these public computers and you can pretty much count on them. The MCR computers can print (black and white) to the Porter’s Lodge printer.

It should be noted that all of the public areas of the college have wireless. Feel free to drag your laptops to the MCR room, the nether regions of the Jerwood Library or even various locations outside, including Latham Lawn, where you can cruise Wikipedia to check the accuracy of the tours being given by the passing punt.


As previously mentioned, printers exist in the Jerwood Library and up at the Wychfield site. There are plans to move a printer down to Bateman Street as well but we are still waiting to see how the cards fall on that one. Printing costs are 5p for a black and white A4 sheet and 30p for a colour A4 sheet. These are charged through the University’s DS-Print system shared by some departments; you must have sufficient balance to print a document. You should be given £1 balance when you arrive in Cambridge, and can top up more with a debit card online here. More details of the DS-Print system are available here. If the library printers are out of paper, please obtain more at the Porters Lodge. If you notice that the Wychfield printer is out of paper, consider carrying a ream up from the main site Porters Lodge the next time you are down there.

If you need to have large documents printed (e.g. MPhil dissertation), you may wish to investigate the printing services provided by CUSU or the GU; some departments also offer printing services to their students.


Help with computers in Trinity Hall comes from a number of sources.

Firstly, you’re welcome to contact the MCR computing officer, who will gladly help to point you in the right direction.

If you have any concerns with Wi-Fi, wired network, or computing facilities, please contact Trinity Hall IT support.

Problems with your own personal computer are handled by the Computer Support Group (CSG), a group of staff and students employed by the college. This service is provided free of charge by the college to help students with problems that could be stopping them from using computers for academic work. To ask for help, please visit their support page. The CSG website also provides a lot of useful information about how to set up your computer and the services available within college, such as loan computers, network connections, printing, and more.

And if you tend not to need support yourself, please consider joining the CSG to help others! They pay!

You can also submit any IT support requests through the Service Request System and they’ll get to the right people.

Other Services

The College offers loan computers for £30 per term. You can also ask for a interest free loan to buy your own computer. The Computer Office has network cards (wired and wireless), ethernet cables, USB memory sticks and memory upgrades for most laptops and desktops in stock and can also obtain other hardware at reasonable prices. Ask for more details.